A new home in the hills of Tuscany

Many more customers choose to stay in the countryside, tranquility and nature are elements that more people are requesting when buying a property.

What better place than the beautiful Tuscan hills?

Our two customers Jason and Kirstin Mulcock have been happy to buy with us and are looking forward that the airports reopening to be able to return to Tuscany and enjoy their magnificent residence.

We are therefore proud and happy to report their words below.

“For many years, our dream was to have a property in Tuscany, but where to start ?  As we did not live in Italy, we had to fit in many viewings into a short space of time when we travelled there.  After an initial search online, it quickly became clear that to realise this dream, we needed a knowledgable estate agent to guide us not only in the selection but also through the procedures for acquiring such a property.  So we contacted several estate agents in the region.

During this phase of discovery, one stood out from the rest due to his frequent and careful attention to our needs: Lorenzo Ermini of Carratelli Real Estate.  While other agents would be content with sending us property presentations, Lorenzo would take the time to understand what we liked and disliked, which regions were more desirable than others and succeeded, with much patience, in organising viewings with respect to our schedule and requirements.

After three viewings of properties that didn’t quite meet our requirements, Lorenzo said that the next viewing may just be the thing we were looking for and he was right.  We fell in love and even before entering the property, asked him for the purchase contract !

Carratelli clearly has the right priorities putting the client at ease and taking the time to understand their needs.  We had many obstacles to overcome including local condominium rules, mortgage, notary procedures, utility company transfers, etc. and Lorenzo and his manager Linda Coppi were fabulous at handling it all for and with us.

We can highly recommend Carratelli Real Estate to anyone, especially non Italians, seeking to purchase a property in Italy.  They were very knowledgable, friendly, looked out for our interests, and made us feel in total confidence.   In fact , Lorenzo and Linda have become friends through this process, something we are very proud of.”

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