If you are looking for tranquillity and appreciate the serenity that country living has to offer, then purchase a  prestigious property in the countryside in Tuscany, Umbria, Val D’Orcia, Lazio or in the area of the rolling Chianti  hills. It will be a positive investment in every sense, including that of personal well-being.

The Italian countryside

The Italian countryside whether in Tuscany, Umbria or Lazio, just to mention the most popular regions, is near to historica, artistic centers and represents an extraordinary context both for its beauty and unique characteristics.  It is the ideal environment for those who want to get away from the chaos of the city and take refuge in places full of charm, colour and silence, where you can immerse yourself in the passing of time and savour the seasons and their changes.

Owning a property of prestige in Italy is a reality for some, while for others it may still be a desire:  in both cases, there is a strong awareness of the value, not only economic but also environmental, of owning a luxury villa or a prestigious farmhouse in one of the areas of the flourishing Italian countryside. These coveted and desired areas are appreciated for their beauty and are protected to preserve their uniqueness.

Farmhouse and luxury villas in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio

The Italian countryside is destined to maintain its value well, even from an economic point of view, which is why making an important investment in such a prestigious environment guarantees you, on the one hand, the possibility of spending your days in an relaxing environment, on the other having a good investment  ue which will endure in  time. The Italian countryside is unique, combining the aspects related to the artistic and cultural history of the nearby urban centers with those of comfort offered by the different types of prestigious properties that satisfy different housing or investment needs.

Our agency is particularly active in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and in the Valle D’Orcia and Chianti areas, where it treats both historic and modern prestigious houses, luxury villas with swimming pool surrounded by greenery, modern luxury apartments, period villas and vineyards.

The countryside evokes relaxation, well-being, and health: a coveted scenario for those seeking an alternative to the stress of the urban routine.

Carratelli Luxury Homes understands your desires and knows how to satisfy them: come and visit us in our offices in Rome, Florence or Pienza, in the heart of Tuscany.

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