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Carratelli Luxury Homes

Luxury Homes, a brand of the Carratelli group, is dedicated exclusively to the purchase and sale of luxury and prestigious real estate properties that are characterized by exclusive features and locations.
The passion for prestigious Italian residences and a profound knowledge both of the exclusive areas where the luxury properties are located and of the dwellings themselves, have always characterized the activities of our agency.
Managing the sale or purchase of a prestigious property in Italy requires a great deal of attention, an in-depth analysis of all the characteristics of the property but primarily a thorough understanding of the particular needs of the purchaser or seller.
In order to manage the purchase or sale of prestigious apartments, luxury penthouses and prestigious villas in the most effective manner and to carefully follow our national and international clients, Carratelli Luxury Homes has offices in the areas where there is a high concentration of luxury properties: Rome, Pienza, Florence, and Monte Argentario.
Visit the offices of Carratelli Luxury Homes to discover the services we provide and the large variety of properties available!

Carratelli Luxury Homes will help make your housing dreams come true.

If you want to buy or sell a luxury villa in one of the most prestigious areas of Italy, whether in the countryside of Tuscany, the prestigious coast of Sardinia, the area that overlooks Lake Como, the banks of Lake Garda, the rolling Chianti hills or the splendid Val D’Orcia, we will help you find the property that best fits your requirements. Carratelli Luxury Homes distinguishes themselves in the luxury real estate sector for the method consolidated over years of experience, for the best networks of international collaborations, for global marketing and for the services that accompany the purchase or sale of luxury properties.

Carratelli Luxury Homes meets and fulfills wishes

We fulfil the desires of private buyers seeking historic luxurious estates as investments and satisfy those who want to sell prestigious properties located in the popular areas of Tuscany, Sardinia, Lombardy and  Lazio. Our agency is comprised up of specialized professionals who have a deep knowledge of the prestigious contexts of Italy, who know how to assess the real estate characteristics of a property and whom are able to correctly interpret our clients’ desires and needs, offering luxury apartments or prestigious villas with unique and surprising features. Our approach focuses on identifying the solutions that best meet your requirements, whether you are a seller or a buyer. To do this we develop a meticulous plan of action that aims to arrive at a result that meets all of your requirements.  During the whole process, you will never be left alone, but will be followed and updated every step of the way.

Carratelli Luxury Homes will help you realise a dream, if you want to buy a luxury property, make an investment, or sell a luxury property. For Additional Information and Consultation Contact Carratelli Luxury Homes: professional services for the streamline Italian real estate experience.