Italian cities combine beauty, prestige and cultural liveliness, each in its own original: they represent a very coveted context in which to live. Carratelli Luxury Homes will help you make a purchase that you have been longing for, but which you have not yet made as you have not found the property of your dreams.

Discover the prestigious properties we have selected for you in the most important cities of Italy.

The art cities: artistic testimonies and exclusive events

Italy is highly appreciated throughout the world for the cultural, historical and artistic value of its cities and villages. The luxury apartments in the heart of cities of art such as Florence, Rome, Venice, Siena or Naples, offer the possibility of living in direct contact with works and monuments that every day enrich the senses.

The Italian cities are unique for the quality and quantity of monuments and artistic and cultural testimonies of the past. Each has its own characteristics that makes it special.  Discovering the uniqueness of cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan or Siena and their inestimable artistic heritage is simple and immediate. Buying a luxury penthouse in Rome or a prestigious apartment in Venice, for example, will allow you to spend your days in direct contact with an invaluable artistic heritage and to live a unique experience surrounded by beauty.

The most important Italian cities owe their prestige also to the exclusive social events such as art exhibitions and festivals, as well as events dedicated to fashion and design. Living in the penthouse of a historical building in the artistic center of cities like Florence or Rome will give you the opportunity to wake up every morning and to enrich your eyes with beauty and colour.

Luxury apartments and luxury penthouses in Rome, Venice, Florence

The streets of the historic centers of the italian art cities hide prestigious real estate solutions, specially designed to integrate into very particular architectural contexts and to make modern living comforts available to you. Those who want to buy a prestigious apartment in one of the Italian art cities can find the right solution for your needs in an historic building. Choosing a housing solution of this kind will allow you to live and breathe the culture of the city and place you at the center of the lively ferment that animates the everyday life of these cities. Our agency, Carratelli Luxury Homes, will help you find a luxury apartment for sale in the center of Rome, Milan, Venice, Siena or Florence, which meets your needs for comfort and where you will feel completely at ease.

We also provide an accurate consulting service for those who want to sell a luxury property located in a city of art. Visit us in our offices in Rome or Florence to discover the selection of our real estate proposals.

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