Italian lakes, such as Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Albano or Lake Vico, near Viterbo, represent environmental, natural and historical contexts that deserve to be experienced and discovered. Living in dream villas or in prestigious apartments on the shores of one of the Italian lakes means treating yourself to a home where you can spend intense and unforgettable moments of relaxation.

Living by the lake: evocative and exclusive contexts  

A luxury villa on the shore of one of the most important Italian lakes offers you the opportunity to live intense experiences in which the following are combined: the quiet, which derives from the nature that dominates in these places; the possibility of enjoying an exceptional historical and artistic heritage (even the small Italian villages are rich in history and art); the opportunity to dedicate yourself to water sports or, where possible, mountain sports; and the opportunity to follow or actively participate in important events dedicated to these disciplines.

The shores of the Italian lakes are full of luxury villas with gardens and stately palaces that testify to past frequentations and the importance these places had for the noble families who lived there at particular times of the year or during their travels.

Furthermore, environmental contexts are also extremely suggestive and evocative, in fact, there are many poets, writers and artists who over the centuries have taken refuge in prestigious homes near Italian lakes to seek inspiration or to complete their own opera.

Prestigious apartments on the lake for sale

The luxury villas or prestigious apartments for sale are exclusive residences perfectly integrated into delicate and fascinating contexts, such as lakes, and equipped with all the comforts of modern living, from the large spaces of domestic environments, to gardens, parks and to private pools.

The Italian lakes are very prestigious and exclusive destinations, because they offer so much in terms of services and can be reached very easily from any corner of Europe and, consequently, it is easy to move around to reach any destination. There you can find different types of prestigious housing solutions suitable to meet different needs, in all cases they are refined and well-kept properties that will allow you to establish direct contact with fascinating territories and to enjoy the quiet and serenity that they can transmit.

Italy hides many pearls and many fascinating territories, in each of them historical, artistic and landscape values are combined. The Italian lakes offer the right context for you who appreciate the quiet and exclusivity: like Carratelli Luxury Homes we have selected unique properties for you who appreciate the prestige of a valuable home.

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