Buying and selling luxury properties: Carratelli Luxury Homes services

Carratelli Luxury Homes is a brand specialized in the buying and selling of luxury properties in prestigious and highly sought- after areas of Italy. The choice to dedicate a brand to the luxury sector arises from the desire to deal specifically with clients who search for outstanding properties and those who wish to sell such a property. The agency offers useful and complementary services to the purchase and sale of a luxury property, unique in terms of characteristics, location and architecture. Rely on our experienced international staff who know many cultures and languages. Together with the professionals of the Carratelli Holding – technicians, architects, interior designers, art historians – and in cooperation with the companies we collaborate with, we are able to help you realize your dream of a perfect home or of making a profitable investment. Choose the experience and professionalism of Carratelli Luxury Homes!

Real Estate Sale

Thanks to the professionalism that characterizes our staff, Carratelli Luxury Homes is able to offer assistance in all phases of buying and selling a luxury property such as a  prestigious farmhouse in Tuscany, a luxury penthouse in Rome or in Milan,  a dream villa in Sardinia, the Versilia coast, or on the  Garda or Como lake. Whether it is a matter of transactions between private individuals or transactions between companies, we are structured and prepared to identify the solution that best meets the purchaser’s housing needs and the seller’s economic interests. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with legal and commercial firms, we study each particular case with attention and identify the appropriate solutions to resolve unforeseen events or problems that may arise, all in the most appropriate manner for the parties involved.

Consulting Services

Given the high value of the properties treated and, consequently, the volume of the investment, Carratelli Luxury Homes takes care of carrying out specific searches in all the exclusive locations in Italy and for all types of luxury properties. We also provide technical and bureaucratic assistance to carefully assess the cadastral and urban planning situation of the property, to produce and deliver to the competent offices the documentation necessary to define changes of ownership or land registry changes, in the case of renovation work on prestigious country houses or luxury villas.  We will work for you and put you in a position to continue to carry out your daily activities without having to worry about finding the luxury property of your dreams or the buyer of your prestigious apartment. It will be our task to identify and evaluate the opportunities offered by the market and to propose those solutions that best meet your requirements.

Real Estate Marketing Services

The sale of a luxury property passes from the design of a tailored marketing plan aimed, on the one hand, to highlight the uniqueness of the property and, on the other, to reach a target able to appreciate prestigious homes and locations. The real estate marketing services are aimed at bringing to market a luxury villa or a luxury penthouse in order to meet the wishes of buyers willing to make important investments. We take care of this part of the sales process with extreme care, aware of the importance of correct positioning of the property in the real estate market. Choose accurate and customized services: our agency, Carratelli Luxury Homes, will guide you through the sale or purchase of the property of your dreams.