We that manage and work under the Luxury Homes brand, believe that each client and each property should be treated as if they were unique, give importance to every single aspect related to the sale or purchase of a house.
We try to offer a range of services aimed at obtaining the goal desired by the customer being it to buy a unique home for features, location and architectural features, or selling his real estate property in complete confidentiality, reaching the best possible result.

We are able, through the services offered directly by Carratelli Real Estate, or using internationally recognized professionals, to meet all your needs.

Law and Commercial Offices are able to study specific cases regarding buying or selling both for private and for companies and resolve any issue that sometimes presents during a negotiation

Technical studio of Architecture and Engineering carefully evaluate the cadastral and urban planning situation of each real estate property and if necessary intervene to study any rough projects accompanied by render to facilitate the sale or to make your ideas possible and achievable regarding restructuring and furnishing . They will study together with you how to make the real estate property that you’re interested in, a unique dwelling appropriate to your needs.

We will make your pleasant and relaxing, if you wish that we take care of organizing your stay in Italy during the days that you will dedicate to visit the properties that we will propose.
Facing specific tasks that you would like to give us, we will perform targeted searches in any part of Italy and for any type of prestigious properties, allowing you to continue your activities while we will work for you: to submit a range of properties with adequate characteristics is what we do best.

For you who sell the property we will study customized marketing plans, indispensable today to get a positive result and together we will decide what strategies to adopt to place it on the market in the best way.

We are usual to do this and much more; come visit us at one of our offices and we will be happy to explain in detail how today more than ever it is important to look out to the “Real Estate world” in a serious and professional way.