Estates for sale: the charme and the beauty of the Tuscan coast

Buying a house by the sea, waking up in the morning with the sound of the waves and inhaling with its smell at breakfast is a dream for many people. Choosing just one location to invest in buying a beach house can be difficult in a country where the coastline is beautiful from North to South, East to West.
Whether it is a personal need or an investment, the coasts of Tuscany are always a good idea.

Versilia, a land of culture and fun, known for its worldly chronicles. This side of the province of Lucca, which extends between the slopes of the Apuan Alps and the San Rossore Park, is famous for the beaches it hosts. Between Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio, typical of the Versilia coast are in fact the long beaches of fine sand and the peculiar coastal dunes, especially between Viareggio and Torre del Lago.
A house on the coast can also become a source of income. At the time of purchase, therefore, it is important to take into account the type of property selected: that it is modern, with adequate facilities, that it has a parking lot and that it is close to the beach; these are all characteristics that will favor any choice that you want to apply to the property, to use it privately or as a source of income.

A villa by the sea and equipped with a private beach that allows direct access to the sea and immersed in a lush pine forest and connected to the private beach.
The Maremma is a wild land, which allows itself to be dominated by the most uncontaminated nature, that of the Mediterranean scrub that inebriates with its scents from the hills to the sea. It is also a land lapped by waters that, with their transparency, are a metaphor for the purity and authenticity of these areas, where the purchase of a holiday home can be a choice not only of a property, but of a lifestyle.
Not only the sea, but also swimming pools and gardens have become essential characteristics for a holiday property. Thus, properties located in the beautiful promontory of Argentario, surrounded by unspoilt natural beauty, lend themselves perfectly to combine the needs of a luxury villa with a holiday in an exclusive location with crystal clear sea.

On the coast of Monte Argentario in one of the most exclusive and dominant corners is this luxurious dream residence. Since 1980 the area is protected from any form of further construction and there are only a limited number of seafront villas built in the 70s. A villa on this beautiful promontory, connected to the coast by the Giannella and Feniglia tombolos, will make your holiday a luxury. Argentario attracts tourists because of its unique landscape, its marine environment and its exceptionally mild climate, which makes it an ideal holiday destination for most of the year.