Val d’Orcia and its dream farmhouses

The dream cottages, on hillocks and surrounded by vast panoramas, have always been a representative image of the Val d’Orcia and Tuscany. When they were afraid of never coming out of quarantine and we brooded over possible escape routes, here is the image of lonely fields and spaces as a safe heaven. The symbolic destination of this safe heaven far from the surrounding world is Tuscany, with its farmhouses and properties.

The return to the countryside is a movement that begins at the top of the cultural and social scale; starting with noble families who travel the world to always return to their roots and their places of origin, to get to all those who have arrived there to make up for years of metropolitan stress with a bucolic life, following the seasons.

Nowadays, sustainability and slow-living are no longer just shared values, but they are now an urgent necessity that many of us aspire to and look forward to with hope.

Rural is not always synonymous with frugal, and the farmhouses can be perfectly renovated and equipped with every comfort: SPA, sauna, Jacuzzi, tennis court, swimming pool and smart-homing facilities are features that perfectly combine a rural location with the utmost modernity and comfort.

The sandstone, wrought iron, wood, terracotta and local marble compose a rural but elegant style, which integrates well the architecture in the landscape and also makes the interiors of many houses and farmhouses homogeneous, so we talk about a Tuscany Style Decor.

Ref. 2400-1

This extraordinary farmhouse will take your breath away. In the countryside around the town of Pienza, the farmhouse is located on a hill with a 360° view of the Val d’Orcia. It has been completely renovated respecting the traditions of the Tuscan style, using precious and local materials. Surrounded by nature, this cottage is perfect to enjoy the quiet and nature in a beautiful panoramic setting.

Ref. 2844-1

Luxury villa, converted into a 17th century farm. Beautifully renovated and charming is located in the town of Pienza, with a splendid view of the Natural and Cultural Park of Val d’Orcia. Tastefully renovated in typical Tuscan style, it consists of a main house, an outbuilding and a large annex where there is the spa area. The property is immersed in about 3 hectares of land with olive grove.

Beautiful farmhouse in Pienza, Val d’Orcia

Ref. 2327

This characteristic and prestigious 13th century villa is located in the town of Montalcino, in the countryside of San Giovanni d’Asso, in the centre of the truffle area. It is an important complex covering a built up area of about 640 sqm (gross), completely restored. The property includes 0.7 hectares of land, consisting of a gently sloping park, some wooded land and a swimming pool, overlooking the valley.

Bellissima tenuta a Montalcino