March 2017, Moscow: an International Real Estate Fair to propose the Best Italian Properties.

MPIRES, short for Moscow Premier International Real Estate Show, is the most important real estate fair based in Moscow, one of the “youngest” actually, and absolutely the most interesting and dynamic one. During this event we, spokesmen of the Carratelli Real Estate, presented ourselves along with Costa Architecture Studio, presenting for the first time the new brand Luxury Homes Global Consulting, born from the brilliant idea to blend the services of three leading companies belonging to three different worlds: luxury real estate (Carratelli Real Estate), architecture and design (Costa Architecture Studio) and project management (Mercury Management). Two full days among the 60 most important  real estate companies, European and international, during which we represented our brands and our company. We also introduced our most exclusive properties to the clients and colleagues of different nations that visited our stand. Said properties were selected with a precise goal, to fully represent the excellence of the real estate market of the “Nation of The Sun”: always loved and dreamed by the citizen of the Russian Federation.

Given the expertise in Real Estate, Project Management and Architecture, we presented “Luxury Homes Global Consulting” to the Russian and international market as a mean to promote the best “ready to be lived” Italy related real estate solutions to High Net Worth. The union of these different experts allows us to offer the best solutions for the needs of the clients.

Ours, a Country seen from abroad as a little oasis of quiet, good weather, art and culture.

Do you dream the prestige and elegance of the “Made in Italy”? Luxury Homes Global Consulting is your dream maker. “ You dream it, we Deliver it!”

Because to make you Italian dream come true, you just need the right partner.


 It was a beautiful experience, during which we were also able to gather the opinions that our international colleagues have regarding Italy and better understand what it means to them and their clients. A very positive feedback that implies that OUR COUNTRY keeps receiving interest from investors and privates regarding real estate investments.